Challenges finding Tantric Massage

Challenges finding Tantric Massage

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Good nad bad of Tantra - Marco Bell

As a free and enlighten woman, you too desire experiencing and exploring Tantric life, however not only that you may have unanswered questions, it is also stigma attached to anything even remotely connected with Sexuality and Intimacy.  How longer will this fictitious rule prevent you living life of colours and desires?


Over the time a surprisingly high number of clients told me about challenging experiences they had received from Tantric masseur. I strongly believe that on an inexperienced soul that will not only leave an everlasting scare, but can forever prevent her to experience a true value of wonderful Tantric life. Lead by this awareness I’ve decided to share with you your rights as a client and steps which may prevent unpleasant experiences.

As this is an important information, I am going to be very specific sharing it with you. To avoid post become confusing to read; due to the fact that English is my second language; I will publish few shorter instead. Feel free to connect with me via email and ask any question you may have. I will gladly help as none has ever become pore by giving.

Marco Bell.


How to Find a Tantric Masseur


Whether you call it sexual healing, tantric healing, tantric massage or good old erotic massage… finding the right Tantric masseur can be hard!

Are you interested in learning Tantra, but don’t know where to start? Are you curious about tantric massage (or yoni massage, or sensual massage) but are terrified of booking an appointment? Have you heard about tantric healing (or sexual healing, or sacred intimacy, or erotic energy work) but have no idea how to find the excellent practitioner who is exactly right for you?

You are not alone.

Most people take their first steps on this path with fear — and rightfully so! This kind of healing often involving sexual energy and/or intimate touch, therefore can quickly get to the root of deep-seated issues that often take years to resolve with other methods such as counseling or medical treatment. As I’ve mentioned in introduction Tantric healing can have a wonderful, positive effect in a person’s life when undertaken by a well-trained, gifted practitioner. But it can also be traumatic and truly damaging when the practitioner is unqualified or unethical.

This post is a comprehensive step-by-step guide, written by an experienced tantric healer, based on years of helping people find exactly the right experience.

Before you begin looking for Tantric masseur –

Know what you want!


The single most important place to start looking for your Tantric masseur is in your own heart. The more clearly you know what it is that you want or need, the more effectively you can find the perfect practitioner.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in understanding Tantra relationship! You don’t need to be a master of tantra or energy or chakras or kundalini. All you need to be able to do is to know in your heart what it is that you want, and to gather the courage to ask for it.

It will often happen that a person is curious about many aspects of this field and “wants it all.” This is fantastic, but it is not the best way to start. Find what it is about “all of this” that most speaks to your innermost desire, beginning with the essential question of whether there is something unsatisfying that you want to address, or are you looking to explore into new territory of experience?


Specific questions you might ask about yourself:


— “Do I have sexual dysfunction or a block to pleasure that is impairing my ability to have a satisfying sex life?”


— “Does my sexual energy seem to be out of balance somehow? Do I have a libido that is higher or lower than I want it to be?”


— “Have I had sexual trauma that might be interfering with my ability to have good sex or genuine intimacy?”


— “Am I in or coming out of a difficult, manipulative, or abusive relationship?”


— “Do I have body image or self image issues that leave me feeling like I will never have the relationship I want?”


— “Do I want to learn more about my body and the possibilities for sexual pleasure?”


— “Do I want loving, sensual touch in a way that I am not getting in my life right now?”


— “Am I interested in the union of spirituality and sexuality, or sexual mysticism?”


— “Do I want to learn techniques to deepen intimacy with my current or future partner?”


— “Do I want to learn some particular sexual technique or have some particular sexual experience?”


— “Do I want to prepare myself for and/or manifest my next partner?”


— “Do I have patterns of relationship or partner selection that are leaving me with unfulfilling relationships?”


— “Do I want to re-learn my patterns of relating sexually so I can bridge an emotional gap between sex and love?”


Good and bad of Tantra - Marco Bell



A lot of questions, to be sure — but they only scratch the surface. When you find the most pressing and powerful interest that calls you to this experience, you can narrow the focus of your search for a practitioner that truly meets you at the place of your deepest desire.

  • Marco Bell

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