The Origins of E.B.


E.B. is an exotic potion of smooth liquid. When spread on the body, it will enrich your senses with a glow of hypnotic ecstasy. The story of E.B. is one of mystery and intrigue.

The legend begins on a stormy night. On the Black Sea, early Circa 1600. A box was thrown into the water and washed a shore, believed to be that of a mysterious female passenger, traveling in disguise as a peasant girl from Wallachia.

Inside the pine box was a glass vessel of oil and some personal effects with embroidered monogram E.B.

The ingredients of the oil were delicately scrawled in crimson ink on fine notepaper. A paper found only in the homes of nobility.

Monks discovered the box and transported it back to their monastery on the outskirts of town between Wallachia and the Black Sea. The monks soon discovered the sensual wonders and spiritually cleansing effects of the oil. They poured over the recipe day and night, searching exhaustively for the ingredients. At last they were able to reproduce the formula.

Soon, rumors spread through the villages near the monastery: the monks were producing a powerful potion that caused women to slip into a blissful, dreamlike state. The women in the village became obsessed by the oil’s promised delights, but a mob of superstitious peasant farmers burnt the monastery to the ground. The priceless recipe disappeared for a century, resurfacing at a private auction in Vienna.

The list of the oil’s ingredients along with other manuscripts were sold and bought by an undisclosed bidder who made the oil for the seduction and pleasure of his beloved bride, the great-grandmother of Marco Bell.

E.B. is truly one of a kind, a delight for body and spirit alike. It is only available with Marco Bell’s exclusive Platinum Service – for the discerning woman. There is a short waiting period, as this premium oil is made to order.