It is important to me that our time together is an upbeat, genuine experience filled with sensuality and fun, therefore when we are together, my whole focus is on you. I would love for you to think of your Tantric massage experience with me as an investment in your well-being, a reminder that you deserve some time for yourself…time when you can be yourself.

I am a massage therapist certified and recognized member of massage association Australia. I am
proficient in lower back pain relieve and headache treatment and I am more than proficient in mystical Eastern arts of sensual Tantric massage.

I am providing service only to women and couples exclusively at promises of your choice.

Every massage treatment is upgraded with aromatherapy which is my compliment to you. Essential drops that I am using can be described only as flow from greatness, riches and sensual gratifications for they are unobtainable, mysterious and sensual and they are all as well as my massage oils complemented by a careful and skillful third generation perfumer, who draws from an in-depth knowledge to ease the body and soul and they cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world.

Aromatherapy enhances the psychological and physical benefits of a treatment. The benefits of the therapy derive from its absorption thorough the skin as well as the inhalation of the wonderful aroma. It is used for a wide variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive functions.

I have recent police check and I am obtaining regular 2 months health checks.




One session 45 min $80 AUD

Marco Bell head massage

Marco Bell head massage

This is a mystical Eastern art massage technique of the head, face and neck with the aim to release stress and tension and promote feeling of well-being. The treatment is deeply calming and relaxing, leaving on one wonderful sense of wellbeing.


1 Hour $100 AUD

Relaxation massage is all about relaxing. It focuses on giving you the time to recover from the stresses of daily life. The benefits of a relaxation massage can last for several days after your treatment and doing it regular will not improve only any stress-related symptoms but improve muscle tension, skin tone and appearance. It is recommended by science once per week.


1 Hour $150 AUD

Your fantasy with Marco Bell

Your fantasy with Marco Bell

If you are new to exotic pleasures, I would love to be your sensual masseur and guide you on a journey through erotic massage and decadent full-body pleasure.

My Sensual Massage session is both intense and relaxing, a symphony of intimate touch that will bring your female energy (Shakti) to life.


1 Hour $250 AUD.

(Masseur may be naked and massage may finish with a Happy ending)

A Yoni Massage should be at the top of every woman’s “must do” list. It’s one of the best experiences you will ever have and one of the things that makes Marco Bell great.

A Yoni Massage starts on the inner thighs and circles slowly inwards. The Yoni Massage can be external only or external moving to internal.

The Yoni Massage is designed to heal and connect the heart, mind and yoni. It leads you to a deepened state of relaxation and meditation where you can break free from your cares and heal old wounds.


1 Hour   $250 AUD.

Marco Bell

(Masseur may be naked and massage may finish with a happy ending)

Tantric Massage is a beautiful way to become more present in your body and to rediscover all the magical pleasures it can bring you. It is an exploration of the senses in which your body will become fully alive.

The Tantric Massage creates a sense of ecstasy encompassing all facets of your being. This full-body nude massage is slow and intimate. Natural scented oils let the masseur’s hands glide over your body, sensually stimulating you from top to toe.


  • If you have a special desire or fantasy please don’t hesitate to ask.

Can you imagine after a long, busy week coming into a sanctuary of your home where I will completely relax you into the calming pleasure of your entire body.

Enter my world which is blend of BDSM, massage, and friendly companionship…world where pleasure lives and time falls away. I can be as kinky or as traditionally loving as you wish.

Luxuriate yourself with my total attention…