Platinum Service

Indulge yourself with Platinum Service, a high-voltage erotic adventure, an encounter straight from your fantasies. It is an experience full of surprises and passion. Trust your guide and Marco Bell will lead you to ecstasy.

This service is for daring and adventurous women that are looking for new ways to discover sensuality in the most pure and unadulterated way and want to reach the summits of their sexual energies. It is an entirely erotic experience and it will lift you far above your sexual imagination.

A highlight will be the application of E.B., Marco’s signature massage oil that is available only with the Platinum Service.

This legendary hypnotic potion is made to order and will delight body and spirit alike.

Details of Marco Bell’s Platinum Service and E.B. sensual oil are a secret, for they are ultimate compliment and are available only once per customer but the memories will last forever.

Everything that you will ever know prior to booking is that you will feel like you are an ancient princess.