Truth About Marco Bell’s World

Truth About Marco Bell’s World

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Marco Bell is child of many parents, which are any on their own way try to teach him illusions of perfect life. Scream of Passion, Sadness, Purest Love, Fatal Lie, Ultimate Dependence, Neglected Hope, Breath of Angel, Miss Malicious, Believe of Miracles, Last Touch, Mermaid Song, Family Traitor, Sound of Hope, The Coldest Word, First Laughter of Child are just some of their names.

Each of them were absolutely successful in their own way, and path long many years has to be walked by him in order to find purpose in this life…purpose and inherited present from Cupid.

There was a time, years a go, when Marco Bell believed that his life has to be with only one woman.., united in ultimate love sphere to the last breath and pass.

“If you are reading these words know you are courageous, independent and enlighten woman. You are on a right way to start living your dreams”

  • Marco Bell

Being proved wrong twice, he become slowly to realise that his purest love and igneous passion has to be shared with all of you, marvellous women in the world.

Sadness, Selfishness, Lie, Neglectfulness, Maliciousness, and Traitorousness has been buried in the graveyard of the past. Substituted with Joy of Passion, Art of Tantra massage, Lust of Happiness, Touch of Desire, Sight of Deliciousness, Adoration of every Woman.

Not long after, what has been designated from the beginning, become the truth.

As the ancient philosophy states, Love and you will be loved, that is the way in which he values woman along with life, and that is how he runs his business.

It is his dedication that more than making love to a woman, is to endow her with exceptional moment, moment that can be comparable only with her uniqueness in the universe. Endow her with pleasure, greatest she will ever experience.

Stories in this blog are truth escort events and published with permission of a client.

Thank you,

Marco Bell

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