Miracles of Sexuality Part 1

Miracles of Sexuality Part 1

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So many people are chasing for the ghosts, chasing for luxuries of life they are unable to ever have… ever because they are too occupied with fantasy about ideality and comparison, which blinds them and obviate delight of happiness and excitement of little miracles.

Luxury mansion…Fastest car…pleasure trip around the world…, are just some of metaphors for the ghost… ghost and emptiness of life. And even if ghost become reality.. emptiness of life replaces joy as soon as excitement withers.

Why? How?

In order that one truly become aware of pleasures and excitements of life, one must find and establish inner peace.. Fulfil emptiness of soul, the last, the most distant corner of hers.

That is possible only, if one undimmed enjoys every moment in time…consecutive than will become aware of those little miracles and life it self will become one long lasting sensual moment screaming to be shared with other amazing people.

Knowing that this special woman standing in front of me soon will become violin and me.. the maestro

For me every time when phone rings, pleasant shiver flows across my body, enlighten me that there is a woman somewhere in the universe thinking of me, desiring me…wanting me… and that is incomparable compliment… which only can be described as … miracle.

Have you ever pleased a woman so extensive that she has lost consciousness?

Have you ever make love to a woman until milk gushed from her breast, as she would give birth to a love it self?

Have you ever fucked a woman so completely that sound of your voice caused her body to shiver and explode in such intense pleasure that only wiping brought her full release?

Only if.. than you can understand what I’ve meant by… miracle.

And it was just the same that night.

Her sensual voice echoes in the phone:

“Are you available?”

O my god!! Those three words become the most desirable in my life since I’ve reborn in to Marco Bell a Tantric guru. Before that, I was living illusion of imaginable truth, which various “they” enhanced, over and over again through my past life. Life with in one “ I love you” were the most desirable three words. Life flooded with pain and disappointments.

Two hours latter, I was looking in her mysterious eyes and admiring here beautiful black hair, so soft as only silk can be. My hart has become the orchestra and soul.. the singer.  Knowing that this special woman standing in front of me soon will become violin and me.. the maestro, with only one obligation left in that moment… to play violin and compose the most ardent song in her life so fare.Seductive as only massage oil can be

Some moments should only be divided between lovers, some should be shared among others only to burst passion and sighs.

That beautiful act of seduction begun arising almost immediately, inspired by twinkling light of burning candles, which has been generously squandered around the vast room, room charged with famine energies. Energies so intense that even now, when I am writing, my hart beet arise because of them.

Intentional approaches and retreats, deep gazes, contiguity of desire, passionate voices and gentle touches has even more complimented perfection of the moment.

Awareness of energy transformation in the room has soon become so intense that has inspired lovers to leisurely commence stripping each other. After first few passionate kisses, dance flor of love ball changed from comfortable couch in to soft king size bed not even knowing when, because of all those explosions of sensuality, which has blinded lovers and wrapped them in to cocoon of desire and touch….

Thank you,

Marco Bell

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