Miracles of Sexuality Part 2

Miracles of Sexuality Part 2

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Only foolish men insist and try to understand woman and racks relation apart. Lover knows that understanding her mind is impossible, instead, he will pleas her even more aware that inspired by act of seduction she will eventually started to follow. He knows that this truth is with in her from genesis.

Woman can be comparable only with wildest mustang. Her hart is full of flames her soul full of sin. Unbreakable greediness for freedom formed her beautiful body shapes and tuned her seductive voice to the perfection. How can man become so blind and destroy that uniqueness of universe and space, which forces even gods to turn the head and cry and causes rain here on the earth.

It is only persistence of love and passions, which will gradually rammed her wild soul with questions and desire, melt her fear away and voluntarily unlock all padlocks of her treasures chest…and that is moment for which is worth to live and die for.

Lover can feel and enjoy in that path of transformation and extend one as well. And than when wild mustang starts to react on tamers voice, slowly begins to approach toward extended warm hand and finally flow in all of her wild desire and passion in to his embrace, only than man can hear angle chorus announcing next birth of glorious moment named… Miracle of sexuality.

Lover knows that understanding her mind is impossible, instead, he will pleas her even more aware that inspired by act of seduction she will eventually started to follow

…Yes, I was almost crying, begging her to consent me dive my face, my tong my soul in to her vagina. Inspired by previous seduction and sex, even air around us was electrified by cordial of love to excessive amount, so intense that was pouring in to me not only through my nose and eyes but even through every pore of my skin… jet she stayed silent to my tears of passion and screams of obsession.. but, like she had a chance?

She was doomed to submission as soon as she let me through the entrance door.. she just didn’t know jet.

There are many addictions and they all are dire. Dire because they weaken ones strength and they are blowing cold winds in to the soul. My are woman internal and external orgasm and woman squirt…nectar of eternal youth.

That intoxicating scent melts away all of my powers and draw me like a magnet in to vagina. Taste of her unleashes some kind of feeding frenzy and I can not stop until the last drop is absorbed. I have become vampire of love, or I have been born as one.

Because of that, I believe that female orgasm reflect yang and male orgasm reflect yin. Light and Darkness.. Life and Death.

So I have asked her, if I can create a treasure map on her back and not waiting on her respond start to slide wavy with my finger tips around her back.. sometimes more intense sometimes less and whispering what I am drawing. After sea I had to create rocks so I have randomly bite her around centre of her shivery back sliding slowly toward her roundness ass. Sights of bliss have mixed with voices of the braking waves, which I was producing to emphasize the moment. I have thrust my penis in to her waist to visual the palm tree..

Change of her pale skin illuminate intimate dusky light in the room.. revealed her beautiful ass cheeks and exposed them to my warm palms. Increasing massage was just incandesced moment and when I’ve begun to lick her right cheek representing wind blowing across two island hills she couldn’t oppose any more and she spread her legs deliberate apart. Scent of her diligent vagina burst in to my face as a volcano explosion. I widen cheeks even more with my fingers breathing in to her breach so close that I could sense warmness of her skin.. here and there slide with my tongue on her shoving down toward treasure hole. I deliberately took my time….extend the moment to extremity and than……. OHHHH feeding frenzy become..

Long after she.. independent, strong, passionate woman has asleep, I was kissing and cuddling her beautiful black hair. I couldn’t let that beautiful moment to disappear in the vastness of history.

In the morning when I was living she gave me the ultimate compliment… satisfaction was glowing from her eyes and happiness on her face.

Thank you,

Marco Bell

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