Who is Marco Bell?

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Marco Bell is a man who loves women. “Love and you will be loved” is his motto. Courteous and elegant, he will take you back to a time when the art of massage was alive and well. His exotic old-world charm and poetic soul will leave you aching for more. When you spend a massage session in Marco’s company, you will feel like the most desirable woman in the world—because to Marco, you are. He views his work not as “strictly business,” but as a labor of love. During his five years as an Tantric masseur, his natural charisma has gained him a loyal following.

Marco Bell is also a man of beauty. His strong but gentle hands, warm touch and exotic Slavic accent will definitely make your heart beat faster, and his dark tresses beg to be stroked. But he also proves that beauty can be more than skin deep. Marco is a warm and caring gentleman who wants his time with you to be an investment in your well-being, a chance for you to be yourself. His female friends describe him as a trustworthy advisor and confidant.

During his five years as an Tantric masseur, his natural charisma has gained him a loyal following.

Finally, Marco Bell is a man dedicated to his craft. Multi-talented and versatile, he strives to make each encounter an upbeat, genuine experience filled with sensuality and fun, whether it’s massage escape, a romantic stroll, or something more intimate. He is an accomplished masseur who specializes in the mystical Eastern arts of Tantric and yoni massage, practices designed to produce a deep state of relaxation while forging new connections between the heart, mind, and body. He complements his skills with exclusive handmade massage oils, including the legendary E.B., a hypnotic potion with a rich and mysterious 400-year history. Marco is also a wonderful traveling companion who would love to explore new locales with you. Or, if you like, enjoy his quality companionship closer to home.

Who is Marco Bell? In short he is the man from your dreams… so call him and remove his mask! 

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