Sexual Fantasy Part 2

Sexual Fantasy Part 2

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Under the small table umbrella, they sat in the slightly rainy night. Candle light shone on the wooden table next to the street….the glasses of champagne…and them two…..united as one soul….. in to a loving hug. Lined back on to his chest she exposed her neck to his spontaneous bites… touches of his intense lips… Soon the red stripes have draw on it.

Gentile touch on mans left shoulder interrupted the laughter of them two……and the soft… kind voice of a bit drunk girl from the second next bar table asked:

“May I took picture of you two……you guys are so beautiful..”

Man has seen her. Along with her blond hair girl friend, they have been secretly on the beginning and warmly later … observing them two.

“I am sorry I don’t have the phone. Do you Sibyl?”

 “But maybe you could take picture of as two with your phone…..”

He proposed, after she said that she doesn’t have one with her either.

Embracing slender waist of the standing girl… looking her in to a horny green eyes man continued:

“…we can give you our address and you can post picture back to as after… if you wish.”

 Not so long after she goon…. her blond girl friend smiling stood in front of them.. Bended forward and left a bit…..her long hair created the wall…..wall of curls.

It seemed that instead of umbrella….erotic tension of the moment… stoped the rain tears developed in heavens many “life-times” a go…. and prevent them to land on three warm, exposed bodies.

Under the small table umbrella, they sat in the slightly rainy night. Candle light shone on the wooden table next to the street….

Man buried his fingers in to the wall of curls… not long before Sibyl followed his gesture ….and exhaled with her silenced, erotic voice:

 “How beautiful curls you have….”,

 He continued:

 “Do you want to kiss my girl?”

 Holding her hair, he gently dragged her face closely toward Sibyls….with kisses soaked lips.

Shiver of her body floated around his chests like a….. like a swell…. He knew that their lips had touched…and created sculpture of one body with two souls. He leisurely dragged his fingers, with black nails, formed in to a rake….across blondes head, back and rested them on her arse. And just when she almost invisibly spread her legs… firmly nibbled in to her lip…she bounded back and staggered away.

But she returned….for more.

 “That was the most erotic moment in my life so fare….. Thank you..” : Sibyl said to her escort…before she walked in to the slightly rainy night.

Thank you,

Marco Bell

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